What is ARTool (Analysis & Reporting tool) project?

ARTool project is a web-based application, coded in PHP, to build reports and dashboards out of data that are stored in a database. It provides fast and easy visualization of databases content. ARTool has been designed for:
  • Companies that want to build graphical reports for Business Intelligence (BI) analysis, present statistics out of their data warehouse, show graphs to their customers...
  • Software editors that like to include, in a fast and efficient way, reports (or even a reporting tool) in their solution, without having to develop it.
  • System Integrator that wants to deliver IT systems with embedded statistics tool, real-time data monitoring, reporting...
ARTool project screenshots

Why implementing ARTool project?

Developped for more than 4 years, ARTool project is a ready to use tool. It brings several advantages:
  • Fast and easy creation of web reports and dashboards without need of specific knowledge
  • Scalable solution that can be deployed in a huge scale for huge nmber of databases, data, reports and users
  • Highly customizable solution with possiblity to create its own template look&feel for reports, to extend tool with plugins...
  • Any database (MySQL, PostgresQL, Oracle...) can be connected to the tool
  • Rich and dynamic data presentation: graphs, plots, areas, bars, pies, tables... with various extendable look&feels
  • Secured access for access to reports and data
  • Complete solution: graphical SQL requester, easy report layout building, controled report visualization...
  • PHP Source code available for perfect integration in other tools
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How ARTool project is sold ?

ARtool project is proposed under two license models:
  • unlimited license for companies that want to build unlimited number of reports for an unlimited number of users
  • unlimited license with source code (PHP) for companies that wants to rebrand ARTool project, integrate it in their own environment and software or redistribute it
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